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Our Philosophy
  • Our program – our programs are designed to uniquely adapt our teaching to the needs of participants using case-study.
  • Our performance - Measuring our success, delivery and impact. Ensuring full participation by every student.
  • Our place – Consistently improve our environment.
  • Our people – High skilled qualified facilitators.
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27 Nwafor Orizu Avenue,

Independence Layout Enugu.


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GPE Business School

GPE Business School is one of the fastest growing e-learning platform in Africa. Our programs provide an excellent all-round business education and is best suited for those intending to have a good understanding of all areas of business to gain both academic knowledge and develop practical skills and abilities. We explore the common challenges and universal concerns facing all types of business owners today, and present a rich set of business development solutions that will not only help you see your business from a fresh perspective, but will enable you to achieve sustainable success in your business and your life.

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GPE Business School

27 Nwafor Orizu Avenue
Independence Layout Enugu.

Tel: 08063393918

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