Entry-Level Career Training

Programme Description

This programme is designed to provide entry-level job training without all of the general education course requirements found at 4-year colleges and universities. This programme is typically designed for individuals who have a good idea of what jobs they want to pursue and want to achieve those goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

We offer targeted education programs for careers in specific fields, as well as job placement services for graduates.

We have partnerships with vocational, technical or trade schools that provide post-secondary instruction in many different areas. They confer certificates, diplomas and associate’s degrees.


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Areas of study specialization include:

  • Computer technology
  • Digital Media Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer relations
  • Business office administration
  • more additions coming…..

Job Placement Services

Job placement services are available for graduates of the programme. We utilize our connections with local organizations and alumni to help graduates find:

  • Full-time jobs
  • Part-time jobs
  • Seasonal jobs
  • Internships
  • Volunteer positions

Features of the Program

ALIGNMENT – Rigorous Training on Industry Domains

OUR UNIQUE TRAINING ON INDUSTRY PROFILES The USP of GPE Business School is the training on specific profiles of Industry from diverse domains.

GPE Business School’s training program is designed on specific Job Descriptions of most sought profiles in the Industry, where you will be trained on these profiles as per the exact requirements of Industry.

Finance- corporate finance, business accounting, investment accounting,

Marketing – channel marketing, retail marketing, media sales, market research, pre-sales, human resources, customer care.

Technology – ecommerce, digital marketing, social media, content writing, webdesign development.

INTERACTION – Continuous Corporate Interaction to build Industry Expertise

CORPORATE INTERACTION Why Corporate Interaction is Important – Need to meet Corporate Heads to understand Companies function. For becoming tomorrow’s managers, it is important to learn from today’s managers.

CONFIDENCE – Building confidence to crack the top MNCs

Building confident personalities for competitive corporate world We train you rigorously to improve your Business Communication skills.


Our team of business communication experts and corporate panelists train you daily on following aspects of Communication:

• Vocabulary Building
• Accent Training – Removing Mother Tongue Influence
• Articulation
• Clarity of Speech
• Rate of Speech


10+ Presentations each semester in front of Corporate panelists improves your:
• Sharp Business Communication skills
• Confidence to face audience
• Content Research & Presentation skills
• Confidence to Face Q&A


Companies want managers with excellent Aptitude and Analytical skills
• Aptitude Tests
• Training by professional Aptitude Training Experts
• Basic Training on Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical & Verbal Reasoning
• Advanced Training on Aptitude as per Company Specific Job Descriptions & Placement Processes


Companies want managers with good coordination, communication & team skills
• Sessions by Corporate Mock Panelists & Professional Experts
• Training on Current Affairs & Business Topics


Companies want smart managers with sharp overall personality
• 10+ Mock Interviews by Corporate Panelists themselves
• Training on Company & Sector specific Interview Questions
• Feedback from Corporate Panelists ensures best preparation for Placements Mock


Students will spend time visiting in Industries and companies within and outside Enugu to witness and experience the Practical Application of theories

*Industry Visits are free of cost, except Travelling Expenses which students has to bear.

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GPE Business School is one of the fastest growing e-learning platform in Africa. Our programs provide an excellent all-round business education and is best suited for those intending to have a good understanding of all areas of business to gain both academic knowledge and develop practical skills and abilities. We explore the common challenges and universal concerns facing all types of business owners today, and present a rich set of business development solutions that will not only help you see your business from a fresh perspective, but will enable you to achieve sustainable success in your business and your life.

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