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Power your learning with GPE Business School and transform your workforce.

GPE Business School offers efficient and cost effective corporate services that assist in making continuous learning and development for organisations and non-profits. 

GPE Business School can be used in a world of ways including:

  •  1. Pre induction training for new joins
  • 2. Company induction programmes
  • 3. Team meetings
  • 4. Individual learning library
  • 5. Coaching sessions
  • 6. Peer coaching opportunities
  • 7. Refresher training
  • 8. ‘Just-in-time support resources’

Nine Reasons to Start Using GPE Business School Today!

1. GPE Business School is suitable for all front line staff and managers, whether phone based or in face to face roles.

2. For one person, GPE Business School is just N10,000 per month which provides unlimited access to libraries of 1 minute and 10 minute videos with workbooks. That’s over 100 learning resources.

3. Over 12 months, that’s still under N130,000 per person which is less than you would expect to pay for a one – day training programme on one topic.

4. For teams, GPE Business School is available at 90,000 per month for up to 10 people to have unlimited access to the same libraries as an individual person.

5. You can learn a technique to apply easily in just one minute or spend 10 minutes and complete an entire video module with a workbook.

6. Topics are all centered around customer service, sales and leadership as well as personal growth areas like time management and resilience skills

7. There are no contracts, so there is no risk and you can cancel anytime. 

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