Are you a Christian Business Owner? Please Read This!

Change they say is constant and I believe our generation has witnessed and still continue to witness the greatest change ever in the history of the world. More so things have changed in the world of business and as entrepreneurs the chase is on, to catch up with the next technology and business trends. Globalization is also not making it easy, though it can impact our profits positively, you are no longer competing locally but will have to think across borders and ensure no one else is trying to outpace your business. Therefore, you are constantly learning and doing to stay ahead and profitable.

The secular myth is that God is and should be separated from the market place, and that once you work hard and practice the right principles your business will succeed, and Christian entrepreneurs have bought into that lie. While it is important to embrace sound business principles and knowledge, I want to draw your attention to the needful.  Our business success is not in the principle alone but in the Spirit. Principles alone is not enough for any Christian business owner, simply because our life and dependency flows from God. Your business is not like every other business and requires biblical knowledge and a kingdom mindset for success in the market place.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect”
Romans 12:2.

It is God’s Spirit using God’s principles and mindset to empower us in creating God-driven solutions for the market place.  Therefore, do not set aside your divine privileges and heritage. God through his spirit wants to inspire and teach you the way to profit. The bible actually talks about those who failed because of their trust in the world system for their success. Instead of following Gods voice they embraced their plans and strategy and human effort. It will be a waste of time and resources to plan and strategize for your business when the voice of God is not correctly discerned. It is Gods spirit that empowers, our self-efforts do not lead to profit.

Here are few things we recommend you can do:

  1. Spend time with God each day for your business.

Create quality time each day to speak to God and hear from him concerning your business needs. Meditate on the scriptures with the intention of gaining insights and understanding for your business, pray with the expectation that God is the one at work through you. Begin to develop the kingdom mindset and work-ethics as you engage in business. In the beginning this might be hard task but it’s all worth it when you begin to reap the benefits. As you do that allow God to change you, it is as you change that you begin to see and understand differently. Your eyes will begin to open to real solutions for your needs. The more of God’s influence in your heart the more his influence in your business.

  1. Connect with Christian Entrepreneurs.

Join our community of Christian entrepreneurs. Be inspired by what God is doing for and through others by spending time with Christian entrepreneurs who are on the same path with you.  The bible encourages us not to neglect out meetup. Find the connections, the support and the mentorship necessary to navigate the world of business God’s way. To learn more and to get updates concerning our events follow us on Social media platforms or SMS GPE EVENTS to 08066038226.

  1. Embrace Christian Business Education:

We are all products of what we know and many business schools and programs are designed to teach principles and strategy without the principal. Emphasis is not placed on faith and the role God plays in your business. To have a balanced understanding that connects your faith to your business, embrace Christian business education by reading contents about business from the biblical view point. Learn from authors and business owners who are doing business Gods way. Our GPE Masters Business Class program was designed to provide a balanced view of doing business Gods way, it was designed with the Christian entrepreneur in mind. Check it out at

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  1. Thank you for this , I connect with it very well. The points raised here are so true , God bless you

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