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Whether you’re just starting or you have been leading or in management for a long time, leadership development skills are something that are beneficial to everyone. Ensure that you have the training and skills that you need to be able to be lead your team through any situation. Our leadership and management techniques training enables you to study leadership at a time that suits you, whether at home, at work, or on a break.

This course covers subject areas like being a leader, influencing skill, communication skill, managing your personality, coaching, training, effective time management, team building, emotional intelligence, change management, problem solving, social media management, giving and receiving feedback and many more. 

This course is ideal for entrepreneurs, business managers, business owners, professionals in the technology, retail, hospitality and public sector.

At the end of this course, you will receive a GPE Business School Certificate of Completion which you can download and print.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Being a Leader
Being a New Leader 00:00:00
No Excuses Leadership 00:00:00
Module 2: Influential Skills
Influencing Skills 00:00:00
Positive First Impressions 00:00:00
Module 3: Communication Skill
Communication Skills 00:00:00
Four ‘P’s of the Voice 00:00:00
Active Listening 00:00:00
Being Assertive 00:00:00
Courageous Conversations 00:00:00
How to Say No Nicely 00:00:00
Managing your Response 00:00:00
Module 4: Managing your Personality
Attitude 00:00:00
Choose your Attitude 00:00:00
Goal Setting (SMART) 00:00:00
Your Personal Brand 00:00:00
Personal Grooming 00:00:00
Being Productive 00:00:00
Being Resilient 00:00:00
Dealing with Criticism 00:00:00
Health and Wellness 00:00:00
Module 5: Effective Time Management
Time Management 00:00:00
Module 6: Team Building
4 Team Stages 00:00:00
Forming Teams 00:00:00
Storming Teams 00:00:00
Norming Teams 00:00:00
Performing Teams 00:00:00
Daily Team Huddle 00:00:00
Fist to Five Consensus Technique 00:00:00
Motivation by Appreciation 00:00:00
Being Part of a Team 00:00:00
Delegation 00:00:00
Giving instructions in the workplace 00:00:00
Module 7: Leadership Coaching
GROW Model for Coaching 00:00:00
Coaching the Individual 00:00:00
Coaching for Change Part 1 00:00:00
Coaching for Change Part 2 00:00:00
Module 8: Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence 00:00:00
Emotional Clients and Colleagues 00:00:00
Showing Empathy 00:00:00
Difficult Conversations 00:00:00
Module 9: Leadership Training
Learning and Delivery Styles 00:00:00
Effective Training Programmes 00:00:00
Effective Training Room 00:00:00
Giving Activity Instructions 00:00:00
Listening Skills 00:00:00
Questioning Skills 00:00:00
Managing Difficult Trainees 00:00:00
Managing Interruptions 00:00:00
Module 10: Managing Different Personalities
Personality Types 00:00:00
Dove Personality Type 00:00:00
Owl Personality Type 00:00:00
Peacock Personality Type 00:00:00
Eagle Personality Type 00:00:00
Managing your Boss 00:00:00
Module 11: Change Management
Formula for Change 00:00:00
Cultural Awareness 00:00:00
Handling conflict 00:00:00
Dealing with Change 00:00:00
Dealing with a Silent Colleague or Customer 00:00:00
Dealing with Aggressive Staff Members 00:00:00
Employee Engagement 00:00:00
Module 12: Taking Initiative
Taking Initiative 00:00:00
Module 13: Thinking on Your Feet
Thinking on Your Feet 00:00:00
Module 14: Problem Solving
Problem Solving 00:00:00
Collaboration 00:00:00
Module 15: Social Media Management
Managing Social Media 00:00:00
Award Winning Social Media Interactions 00:00:00
Module 16: Giving and Receiving Feedback
Giving & Receiving Feedback 00:00:00
Giving Feedback (DESCCO) 00:00:00

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  1. Leadership and management


    This course has helped me to build my self confidence and wisdom. It has empowered me to succeed in my career.

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